10 Adventures from 2016

We had so many adventures in 2016. Even better, some of them were major bucket list items for me!! Here are some of my favorite things we did in 2016. Enjoy.

Wanderlist 2016

1.See manatees in the wild
We didn’t just see them, we got to Paddleboard with manatees! Heather and I took a trip to Three Sister Springs to see these guys and it was totally worth it. It was very relaxing and a great way to connect with nature. A positive way to start the year. I recommend it.

Paddleboarding with manatees in Crystal River

2. Visit some of Florida’s State Parks
-We sort of stumbled on Crystal River Archaeological State Park when Heather saw the sign on our way to Three Sister Springs. I am so glad we stopped because it is a really cool place. Robert had such a great personality and really made our visit special.
-The second state park was Rainbow Springs. We really enjoyed the outdoors that day with all the waterfalls, an abandoned zoo and walking trails. A great day with nature.

– The third is a state forest called the Geothe State Forest. We went to see the Geothe Giant, a giant cypress tree that is over 900 years old. You need to read about this crazy adventure, I definitely don’t want to do that again!

3. Try Kayaking
I tried kayaking for the first time on our trip to Amelia Island. I had only been canoeing and paddle boarding before so I wanted to give kayaking a shot. I think I was in a little over my head because it was a serious workout! Heather had to convince me I could do it just to push through the current on our way back. I made it though, I think paddle boarding is more my style but I may give it another chance. We’ll see.
Kayaking Talbot Islands

4. Visit the Harry Potter sites in London
 Our trip to London was filled with Harry Potter fun. We went to the Studio Tour, King’s Cross Station and Platform 9 3/4.  We also saw Cursed Child!!  Such a magical trip.

5. See Nike of Samothrace at the Louvre
This was an item on my Bucket List that has been there for a long time. Nike of Samothrace is my favorite piece of art and I have always wanted to see it in person. It was so amazing to go to the Louvre and see this magnificent sculpture. 

One Day In Paris - Nike of Samothrace

6. Eat a croissant in Paris
The Louvre, in addition to eating croissants and seeing the Eiffel Tower made our day trip to Paris an amazing experience! Another bucket list item completed.

7. Visit Trinity College Library in Dublin
Going to Ireland was so wonderful. I mean, what is better than a giant library filled with old books! I felt like Belle.

8. Weekend Road Trip
I wanted to do a weekend road trip and had never been to Savannah. It has been sitting on my list for a while so when I saw a great price come up on a hotel I grabbed it. I really enjoyed Savannah and now, of course I want to go back. Such a great weekend.

Savannah, GA

9. Go back to Washington DC as an adult
I had been to  Washington DC multiple times as a kid for field trips but I wanted to experience it as an adult. We only had a long weekend to spend there but we jam packed our time and had so much fun!!

10. Run my first 10K
Let me just say, I am definitely not a runner. The farthest I had run before this race was three miles. My friend had been wanting to do a Disney race so I said why not. It wasn’t easy but I pushed through and ran over six miles. I was proud of myself!

We had so many new adventures in 2016, I can’t wait for 2017. I always try and plan out some trips I want to do for the next year. Otherwise, time will fly by and you will get busy.

What are your plans for 2017?

Melissa P.

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