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Join the adventures of two geek girls, Heather & Melissa, as we take trips exploring Florida (local destinations we love and theme park adventures), geeky conventions and exciting locations out-of-state and abroad.

The Name

Flip Flops & Floo Powder mixes our location and its stereotypical favorite footwear with our love of things geeky (floo powder is a glittery, silver powder used by witches and wizards to travel in the Harry Potter series).


Photo by Bridget Keely Photography

My passion in life is travel. I live for my next trip. At the same time though… I’m a nerd with a growing con-addiction. At least one vacation each year is con-related travel with some fun day trips along the way.

I am originally from the Washington, DC area, which helped develop a serious love of history and politics.  The traffic there created a tolerance for ridiculously long road trips as well, which means I have no hesitation to pick up and go somewhere for a quick weekend trip. On y va!  (French for “Let’s go.” It was both the name of my middle and high school French textbook as well as my current life philosophy.)

My current location is Orlando, Florida, which is an amazing city for the more adventurous nerds and geeks. Orlando features a fantastic combination of outdoorsy fun (beaches! theme parks!) with geek culture (nerd bars! comic book stores everywhere!  conventions! Marvel- and Harry Potter-themed areas!)


I grew up in Pennsylvania and am currently living Flip Flops and Floo Powderin Orlando, FL. Living in tourist central means every weekend is another adventure! I love theme parks, food and trying new things. I’m also a huge Harry Potter fan. I run a Harry Potter club for adults here in Orlando, so I am always up to no good with the Central Florida Slug Club.

My preferred travel destinations are locations with natural attractions. I love a good view! My favorite travel destination is Hawaii. My grandmother lived there so I visited many times and love it!

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And so the Adventure begins.

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