How to runDisney

How to runDisney - Packet Pickup

The Enchanted 10K was my first runDisney race and I found it a little difficult to navigate.  I read a bunch of blog posts but it was hard to find all the information I needed in one spot. Here is some information to help you get ready for your race.

Before the Expo:

  • Print and sign your waiver, this has your bib number on it. 
  • Join the Team #runDisney Facebook group. It’s a great resource of other runners to help with any questions you have.
  • Look for an email from runDisney with the official event guide. This has a map of the Expo as well as a ton of other information.

How to runDisney - Expo


  • Apparently the first morning is crazy. People (and apparently Ebayers) wait in long lines and run all over each other to get the merchandise they want. I suggest going later. I went Thursday night after work and had zero lines.
  • You need your waiver and ID to pick up your bib. Your bib will have your corral placement on it. That will tell you where you need to go in the morning.
  • After bib pickup, head to the main part of the Expo ( a separate building) to get your checkable bag and t-shirt.
  • Check out all the booths and don’t forget to visit KT Tape to get taped for free.

How to runDisney - Expo

Race Day:

  • Don’t forget your bib
  • The race started at 5:30 AM and we got to corral D a little after 5:15. We were still in line for a photo at 5:00 and no one else seemed worried about getting there in time so we just stayed. If you want to be in the front of your corral then I suggest getting there earlier. We were in the back half of ours.
  • I left my house at 4:05 and parked at 4:36,  it usually takes me 30 mins to get there so there was no more traffic than normal. You do want to check the official event guide to see which exit to take as some roads may be closed.
  • You will need to go through security if you have a bag. Add on time if you are planning to bag check. I heard there are long lines picking up your bag after the race so I used my running belt instead.
  • Bring an emergency blanket to keep warm before the race so you don’t have to carry a jacket. You won’t be the only one, lots of people do this. You can throw the blanket away before the race starts. It looked like a lot of people were leaving their jackets on the railing before the start of the race. I heard that they have a donation box for jackets and stuff that you can ditch before the race starts.
  • We waited a while in the corral and didn’t actually start racing till 6:03. Make sure you use the bathrooms before the race. The lines for bathrooms during the race are quite long.
  • Take advantage of where you are. Don’t worry about your finish time. Stop and get some photos at Epcot when it is empty!

How to runDisney

  • Keep an eye out for people in orange or yellow vests. They are the photographers so try and remember to smile when you see them.
  • We decided ahead of time that we only wanted to wait in line for characters we have never seen at the parks and to not worry about our finish time. Here are the two we stopped for.

After the race:

  • You can get a RunDisney emergency blanket, water, Powerade, a banana, and a box of snacks. Great to take with you if you are going to the parks after.
  • Get a picture from the photographers standing there after you get your drinks. That will help them match your bib up with your pictures.
  • There are some picture opportunities after you leave the race area.
  • The concessions stand sold beer even though it wasn’t listed on the menu. Beer at 7:30 AM? YES PLEASE!!

How to runDisney

  • Go to Disney and get some photos wearing your medal! Enjoy the day and treat yourself to some great food. We went to the Polynesian and got Mickey waffles at their quick service restaurant Captain Cooks. No reservations needed and low prices!

How to runDisney

After the Race:

  • Go to the runDinsey website and click the button that says results. This will have a link to see your photos, your race results, a certificate and an iGift Bag. Some items will take longer to appear than others.

This is only my first race so I am by no means an expert but figured every little bit of info helps when you are excited and planning for something like this. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips or tricks!

Melissa P.

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