Blowing Rocks Preserve – You Won’t Believe You’re Still In Florida

Blowing Rocks Preserve

To break up the drive to Miami, we decided to stop at Blowing Rocks Preserve. I read about the preserve on my friend Outdoorsy Diva’s blog and had to check it out. I was surprised to see this was in Florida and it is on the East Coast!!

Blowing Rocks Preserve
Let me tell you, this place is beautiful. We only got to stay about 15 mins as a storm rolled in shortly after getting there (this was the theme of our weekend!). We did see some people snorkeling, so I definitely want to take a day trip back here to swim.

Blowing Rocks Preserve
You need to plan your trip based on the tides, whether you want to swim (low tide) or see the blowing rocks (high tide). Apparently, if there is a storm the blowing rocks can reach up to 50 ft.  If you plan to climb around on the rocks, which I couldn’t resist, make sure you wear shoes that can handle it.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Bring some cash, the entrance fee is a $2 donation. I am hoping to stay long enough next time to explore and see the rocks blowing. Thanks for the tip Outdoorsy Diva!

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Melissa P.



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