Don’t Miss at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends

Only one more weekend left for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends. If you are planning to head to Hollywood Studios, make sure you don’t miss this photo op!

Star Wars Weekends Darth Vader photo

Think I waited in line to get this photo with Darth Vader? Nope, that line is way too long! At this photo station, you have a choice to be in a light saber battle with Darth Vader or you can use the force to push some Storm Troopers out of the way.  The cast member has a light saber you can borrow and they will pose you so you are in the perfect spot when they add Darth Vader in. Since there isn’t an actual character there most people just walk right by.

Star Wars Weekends Darth Vader photo

This photo location is next to the Boba Fett character photo spot, pushed back off the main road. If you are heading in from Toy Story it is before you get to the Darth Vader character meet. Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing about Star Wars Weekend is!

Melissa P.

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