Rebel Hangar: A Star Wars Lounge Experience Review

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

“This was once a hangout for rebels that was transformed into…” and the host walked through the door into the restaurant. We heard this about 20 times as we ate. We laughed every time he walked by and seated someone. Our table was outside, we arrived at 4:30 and got reservations for 7:00. Walk-in reservations only get seating outside. For inside seating, you need to call ahead or go online and make reservations.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review I didn’t realize that the Rebel Hangar was a sit-down restaurant. It is located at the Backlot Restaurant which is a typical Disney quick service restaurant. I assumed the Rebel Hangar would be the same. I jumped in line and then realized I was in line for reservations, oops. We checked out the menu and it looked awesome so we decided to splurge and go for it.

   Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

The nice thing about sitting outside was we got a table where we could see the Jedi Training shows that take place every 30 minutes, so we had music and a show. There is some themed decor outside and there was a nice breeze so we were happy. Inside, there is a huge amount of theming and decor. Each table has a figurine like Boba Fett, R2-D2 or an AT-AT. Make sure you take the time to walk around to look at the details.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review


The menu had some great choices so it was a hard decision.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

Rebel Red – The two people I was with really enjoy theirs; it was a black raspberry flavor. We all really had fun with the X-Wing Glow cubes that came with the drink. You can only get the X-Wing Glow Cubes at this location! You can also get the Millennium Falcon or the Death Star even though it is not on the menu. Our server did not tell us this, but we saw neighboring tables get other beverages with the glow cubes so I assume you can pay to have them on any beverage. They have clips on them so you can wear them for the rest of the night!

Degobah Swamp Juice – I ordered this minus the Fomz as I have had this foam on another Disney beverage and was not a fan. I told the server I didn’t want it because I was scared of it and she looked at me like I was crazy, lol.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

Our server was not great so I’m not sure what planet, oops, I mean restaurant she came from, but I was a little disappointed in the level of service. The other thing we noticed is the food runners had no idea where the tables were. We sat down and he brought food to us, we said we hadn’t ordered yet and he wandered around looking confused. Once done with our meal, he tried to give us food a second time lol. This was part of our entertainment for the night as we watched to see how many tables he went to before he got the correct one.  The great and unexpected part was that we go to see some characters: we saw Jawas! They move kind of quick so have your camera ready and hop up to get a photo if they come to your table. We also saw two characters from the Star Wars Rebels animated series. I wasn’t familiar with it so I didn’t take a picture of them.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

Pilot’s Pommes Frites – These are good and you get a lot. They are super garlicky, so prepare for garlic breath afterward!

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

Ilum Fruit and Cheese Sabers  – This was really good and had a great presentation. The cheese and fruit were all good. The C-3PO cheddar crackers weren’t really crackers. I assume they were going for a cheeze-it type of cracker, but these were soft and flaky kind of like a dense biscuit. They probably were crispy when they came out of the oven. Still good but would have been better with that crispy texture.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

Trio of Star Wars Mini Cupcakes – This is great if you are indecisive and want ALL the cupcakes. Plus it comes in a Han Solo Carbonite box. My friend that ordered it said the Jabba salted caramel one was her favorite.

Star Wars Weekend 2015 Rebel Hangar Review

I definitely suggest checking this place out. I thought it was worth the splurge; we had such a great time.  I may go back to try the Yoda Key Lime Cake since it is so cute!

May the Force be with you.

Melissa P.

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